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The Light Novel Classic is Back in Print! Contains Volumes 4-6!

The Light Novel Classic is Back in Print! Contains Volumes 4-6!

So Gourry and I agreed to escort Sylphiel to her family in Saillune City, but she didn’t tell me her uncle was hiding the most wanted man in town―P-P-Prince Phil. (Ugh! Blech!) We thus get drawn in to some noble family drama that, you guessed it, blows up royally. Good thing Princess Amelia is every bit as plucky as she is powerful! Wait, she’s traveling with us now? Turns out we might need the help! We’re just minding our own merry business one minute, and the next, some lady shows up and seals my magic! You’ll never guess this one, because we’ll be dealing with a cult, some possessed armor, a magical beast, and one mysterious priest before we get to the bottom of things ourselves. Then we receive an invitation from our old pal Zuma the assassin, who wants me to come to Vezendi. I’m guessing he’s not interested in catching up over tea, huh? As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also skullduggery afoot between Xellos and some other shadowy figures. What gives? I mean, I know I’m good, but I swear! These demons just can’t get enough of me!

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Hajime Kanzaka
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Novela ligera

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